The Orissa Secondary Education ACT 1953

(Received the assent of the Governor on the 23rd. May, 1953, first published in an extraordinary issue of the Odisha Gazette, dated the 27th. May, 1953 and as Amended in No, 397 dated 26th. March, 1979.)


Whereas it is expedient to establish a Board to regulate, control and develop Secondary Education in the State of Odisha by providing varied courses with a view to equipping pupils for different occupations, for education in the University and for other cultural purposes, and to examine those who have completed a prescribed course of study and to award certificates to successful candidates and doing all other things incidental there to

It is hereby enacted as follows

  • Short title, extent and commencement:
    • This act may be called the Odisha Secondary Education (Amendment) Act, 1979.
    • It extends to the whole of the State of Odisha .
    • It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by notification, appoint in this behalf.
  • Definitions: In this Act and in all regulations made there under, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context –
    • “Board” means the Board of Secondary Education constituted under Section 3;
    • “Examination” means examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education;
    • “Examiner” shall include a paper-setter;
      (d) “Government” means Government of the State of Odisha ;
    • “Headmaster or Headmistress” means the head of the teaching staff of a recognised Secondary School by whatever name he or she may be designated.;
    • “High School” means an Educational Institution preparing candidates for the final examination of the Board and recognised as such by the Board. ;
    • “Institution” means an institution imparting Secondary Education and includes part of an institution. ;
    • “Middle School” means a school recognised as such;
      (i) “Prescribed” means prescribed by regulations made by the Board under this Act.;
    • “Registered teacher” means a teacher who is registered in pursuance of a regulation made in that behalf by the Board and is engaged in teaching;
    • “Recognition” means recognition for the purpose of admission to the privileges of the Board including its examination and “recognise” with its grammatical variations shall be construed accordingly;
    • “Regulation means a regulation made or deemed to have been made by the Board under this Act.;
    • (Odisha Act of XVIII of 1951) “Secondary Education” means such general, special and vocational education forming in itself a complete and purposive whole, which follows immediately such stage of education as has been defined as primary or Basic Education in the Odisha Basic Education Act, 1951 and precedes immediately the stage of education controlled by the University established by law in the State of Odisha. ;
    • “State” means the State of Odisha ;
    • “Secondary School” shall include the following : - High School, Higher Secondary Schools, Post Basic School, Agricultural High School , Technical High School , Trade School, Industrial School , Senior Technical School , School of Art and Crafts, School of Music , School of Physical Education and such other Institution as may be recognised by the Board.;
    • “Text Book" means any book prescribed or recommended for the examination.;